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Table 6 The Critical Incident Inventory

From: The critical incident inventory: characteristics of incidents which affect emergency medical technicians and paramedics

Did any of the following characteristics make the recent incident troubling for you? Please check all that apply. Does not apply Somewhat Quite a bit A lot
Factors beyond my control.     
It showed how people can be cruel or neglectful     
Dealing with the relatives was difficult.     
End of shift.     
The situation was dangerous for me or another paramedic.     
I spent time with the patient and I got to know him or her     
I was surprised by the call.     
I felt helpless.     
I felt overwhelmed.     
I felt I didn’t do a good enough job.     
There were cumulative work stressors in my life at the time.     
I felt unappreciated.     
There were stresses in my personal life at the time.