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Table 1 Summary of the correlation results between injuries and causes

From: Advanced accident research system based on a medical and engineering data in the metropolitan area of Florence

Body region Injury description AIS code Impacted object β [%]
Head Left temporal polar lesions 140606.3 Pole/post 90
Head Millimetric left frontal parietal subdural hemorrhage 140651.3 Pole/post 90
Head Widespread cerebral oedema 140670.3 Asphalt 90
Head Right temporal parietal occipital depressed fracture 150404.3 Asphalt 90
Head Right temporal styloid process fracture 150402.2 Asphalt 90
Head Right tympanic and petrous fracture with hemotympanum 150202.3 Asphalt 90
Head Right temporal-parietal-occipital multiple fractures depressed in the occipital region and diastatic in the mastoid region 150202.3 Asphalt 90
Head Lacerated and contused right temporal parietal (2,5 cm) lesions 140616.4 Asphalt 90
Head Pneumocephalus bubbles 140682.3 Asphalt 90
Head Peri mesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage, with relative encephalic pons and mesencephalic hypodensity 140695.3 Asphalt 70
External Contused and lacerated wounds to the face, hematoma lateral 910400.1 Asphalt 40
Thorax Contusion of the right upper lobe. Right paravertebral inferior lobe and left paravertebral inferior lobe contusion. 441412.4 Asphalt 90