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Table 2 Patients present in the ICU during the first and second 14 day periods.

From: Reporting of unintended events in an intensive care unit: comparison between staff and observer

Period of fourteen days first second
Number of patients present in the period 18 20
Age (years): median 74 73
Type of ICU admission   
   Surgical planned 6 8
   Surgical unplanned 7 7
   Medical 5 5
SAPS II at ICU admission: median 40 39
APACHE II at ICU admission: median 18 15
Number of ICU days (hours/24) in the study 110 99
Number of ventilation days (hours/24) in the study 71 59
Available ICU bed days 112 112
  1. The total number of patients surveyed was 31. Seven patients (median values of age 76 y, SAPS II 47, APACHE II 19) were present in both periods. Numbers of ICU and ventilation days are given as exact numbers: counted hours divided by 24.