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Table 1 Variable descriptions

From: Impact of disaster-related mortality on gross domestic product in the WHO African Region

Variable Variable description
GDP Per capita gross domestic product (GDP), i.e. real value of annual volume of goods and services (in purchasing power parity US$) divided by population
D Hectares of arable land per capita, i.e. total arable land divided by population
L The number of people who are currently employed and people who are unemployed but seeking work, as well as first-time job-seekers
K Capital stock proxied by gross domestic investment (as a percentage of GDP). It consists of additions to fixed assets of the economy plus net changes in inventory
LE Life expectancy in years
EN Combined primary, secondary and tertiary gross enrolment ratio
X Openness of economy proxied by exports of goods and services (each expressed as a percentage of GDP)
M Openness of economy proxied by imports of goods and services (as a percentage of GDP)
DS Number of people killed by natural and technological disasters in a year