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Table 12 Impairment at daily activities outside of work: Overall Study Results

From: Prospective study of recovery from copperhead snake envenomation: an observational study

  Day 3 Day 7 Day 14 Day 21 Day 28
  Median Range Median Range Median Range Median Range Median Range
Percent Daily Activities Impairment 80 0, 100 60 0, 100 10 0, 80 0 0, 40 0 0, 30
  1. Percent impairment of regular daily activities other than work is calculated by taking self-reported impairment on item 6 of the Work Productivity and Ability Impairment: Special Health Problem instrument. This is an 11-item ordinal scale, ranging from 0 “(Snakebite had no effect on my daily activities”) to 10 (“Snakebite completely prevented me from doing my daily activities”), multiplied by 10. Higher scores indicate more impairment. The day of envenomation is Day 0.