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Table 1 Technical specifications rotor-wing RPA versus manned helicopter (EC135 P2+)

From: A remotely piloted aircraft system in major incident management: concept and pilot, feasibility study

Feature Rotor-wing RPA (prototype config) EC135 P2+ (HEMS config)
Size 0.84 m × 0.30 m Length 12.19 m, height 3.51 m
Weight (empty) 1.47 kg 1455 kg
Rotor diameter 0.84 m 10.20 m
Downwash Negligible Strong
Noise Humming >85 dbA
Max payload 1.53 kg 965 kg
Max air speed ~35 km/h 254 km/h
Power/fuel Electrical (DC), rechargeable lithium-ion battery Jet A-1
Max take-off weight 3 kg 2835 kg
Range Line of sight Depending on payload and weather conditions, approximately 615 km
Rotary system 6 rotors, 6 DC motors 1 rotor, 2 x Pratt & Whitney PW 206 B2 (463 kW)
Flight endurance ~15 min 166 min (max fuel, ideal weather conditions, 3 crew, standard HEMS configuration)
Operation style Unmanned, remote controlled Manned, 3 crew (pilot, HEMS crew member, physician)
Take-off/landing From landing gear From landing gear (skid)
Landing site requirement 1 m × 1 m 25 m × 25 m