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Table 2 Supplementary information for Question 3

From: A qualitative assessment of practitioner perspectives post-introduction of the first Continuous Professional Competence (CPC) guidelines for emergency medical technicians in Ireland

From the ‘Related Activities’ section of the CPC Guidance booklet for EMTs
Activity CPC points Evidence
CPC related training programme provided by training organisations or programmes accredited by other professional organisations (for example, An Bord Altranais (nursing regulator), Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) and so on) 1 point for each hour Certificate
Case study 2 points Case study on an incident, condition or injury encountered
Reflection on the incident 2 points A document containing the main points learned
Seminars and conferences 1 point for each hour Details of the seminar attended with a review of the key points learned
Programmes such as ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, PEPP, ATC, MIMMs, ITLS, Wilderness-EMT, ATLS, AMLS and so on 1 point for each hour Certificate
Journal article review 2 points Critical appraisal of a journal article
Electronic learning/on-line learning – related to practice 1 point for each hour Printed certificate from site
Mentoring a student or being mentored on any experiential/operational ambulance, response vehicle placement. 1 point for each hour Documented evidence of placement, signed by a paramedic or advanced paramedic