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Table 2 Examples of cross checking

From: Cross-checking to reduce adverse events resulting from medical errors in the emergency department: study protocol of the CHARMED cluster randomized study

Example 1:
EP1: I am seeing a 32 year old male, with acute flank pain and history of renal colic.
No fever and no guarding, right lumbar excruciating pain. Urinary dipstick is positive for blood. He’s been pain free since we gave him Ibuprofen. I am awaiting his electrolytes results and if normal, will discharge him with outpatient CT scan in the next week and analgesia.
EP2: OK. Next patient?
Example 2:
EP 1: I am seeing a 65 woman with shortness of breath and history of COPD, it is likely Exacerbation of COPD. PH is normal, bicarb 30, no elevated lactate. If the chest X-ray is normal then I will admit her to the ward for a course of nebulizers as she is still dyspneic.
EP2 : What are her clinical findings. Have you started any treatment yet?
EP 1: She is 140/58, pulse 101, temperature 38.2 °C. I have her on Salbutamol nebulizer.
EP 2: Ok. Shouldn’t you consider starting an antibiotics course and prednisolone?