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Table 2 Information that respondents perceived might have helped the decision making process

From: Are prehospital treatment or conveyance decisions affected by an ambulance crew’s ability to access a patient’s health information?

Information category n (%)
Resuscitation status 233 (77.2)
Current medication 184 (60.9)
Allergy information 103 (34.1)
Previous medical history 262 (86.8)
Patient’s normal parameters 235 (77.8)
End of life care choices 221 (73.2)
Information about implanted  
Devices e.g. pacemakers 106 (35.1)
Othera 38 (13)
  1. aOther sources of information identified by respondents included: ECGs, mental health records, blood and other test results, family history, next of kin details, recent medical or hospital attendances.