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Table 1 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes included in ED visit sample

From: Use of diagnosis codes for detection of clinically significant opioid poisoning in the emergency department: A retrospective analysis of a surveillance case definition

Opioid poisoning-related diagnosis codes Non-opioid poisoning-related diagnosis codes
Poisoning by opium, unspecified (965.00) Late effect of poisoning due to drug, medicinal or biological substances (909.0)
Poisoning by heroin (965.01) Poisoning by other specified drugs and medicinal substances (977.9)
Poisoning by methadone (965.02) Drug dependence (304)
Poisoning by other opiates or related narcotics (965.09) Opioid abuse (305.5)
Accidental poisoning by heroin (E850.0)  
Accidental poisoning by methadone (E850.1)  
Accidental poisoning by other opiates or related narcotics (E850.2)