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Table 2 Respondents’ answers to two scenarios presented as part of telephone survey

From: A nationwide survey of first aid training and encounters in Norway

First aid measure Percent Number
You happen to pass by a road traffic accident where a car has driven off the road, and the driver is sitting unconscious in the front seat. What do you do?
Secure scene 28% 279/1000
Call emergency dispatch 82% 819/1000
Open airway 43% 433/1000
Check breathing 36% 364/1000
Place in recovery position 16% 156/1000
Check for/stop bleeding 11% 110/1000
Keep patient warm 16% 156/1000
Check for pulse 31% 311/1000
You happen to pass by a man who is lying unconscious. He does not breathe normally, but emits short gasps. What do you do?
Call emergency dispatch 64% 644/1000
Start CPR 42% 424/1000
Open airway a 29% 286/1000
Place in recovery position a 33% 326/1000
Check for pulse 18% 176/1000
  1. a without starting CPR