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Table 5 Risk of bias of included studies

From: The effectiveness of prehospital hypertonic saline for hypotensive trauma patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study (year) Concealed allocationa Blinded outcome assessorsa Intention to treata Actual/Planned sample size (%) Intervention and control groups comparable
Bulger et al. (2011) Low Low Low 853/3726 (23%) High
Cooper et al. (2004) Low Low Low 229/220 (104%) High
Jousi et al. (2010) Unclear Unclear Unclear 37/NA (NA) Low
Vassar et al. (1993a) Low Low Low 194/600 (32%) High
Vassar et al. (1993b) High Low Low 258/600 (43%) Low
  1. aRisk of bias rated as low, high or unclear