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Table 1 Patient characteristics at time of presentation and MRA findings

From: A prospective, observational cohort study of patients presenting to an emergency department with acute shoulder trauma: the Manchester emergency shoulder (MESH) project

NumberSideMechanism of injuryMRA findings
1LLifting heavy weight felt snapFull thickness tear of SST and SScapT
2RFall down stepsBruising to deltoid
3RLifting heavy object felt snapPossible Posterior labral tear
4RJerk to shoulder felt whilst caring for & lifting wifeFull thickness tear of SST and partial tear of SScapT tendon
5LFall onto shoulder whilst snowboardingNormal images
6LFall onto arm playing footballSLAP lesion with undisplaced humeral neck fracture
7LDived into swimming poolEvidence of anatomically resolved dislocation. Stripping of anterior capsule from glenoid.
8LSlipped down embankment with shoulder abductedIFST tear SScapT tear
9LAlleged assault to shoulderPosterior capsule tear and posterior superior labral tear
10RRugby. Fall in abduction onto shoulderMiddle glenohumeral tear and partial SST tear
11LFall plus direct blow to shoulder against wallTorn SST tendon, torn SScapT, subluxed biceps tendon. Capsular tear.
12RTrip and Fall with direct trauma to shoulderPartial SST tear and degenerative ACJ
13LArm pulled backwards into excessive abduction.Tear of distal aspect SST. Probable fracture greater tuberosity.
14LFall whilst ice skatingPartial tear of the distal aspect of the SST Fracture of the greater tuberosity
15LFall from low roofMinor ACJ disruption and a possible bone bruise/undisplaced fracture of the clavicle
16RRoof fell onto shoulderTear of the SST musculo-tendinous junction and a bone bruise of the outer clavicle
17LHit with Lacrosse stickFull thickness tear of the SST.
18RAlleged assaultAppearances suggest minor ACJ injury, though no bone bruise or fracture seen.
19RPulled side tarpaulin on truckSST tear
20Rtripped on pavement direct trauma to shoulderFull thickness tear of the SST, a partial thickness tear of the SScapT tendon and a subluxed biceps tendon.
  1. Abbreviations: SST Supraspinatus Tendon, ACJ Acromio-clavicular Joint, SScapT Subscapularis Tendon, SLAP Superior Labral Anterior Posterior, IFST Infraspinatus Tendon