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Table 3 Perceived ability to provide adequate follow-up

From: Anxiety about anxiety: a survey of emergency department provider beliefs and practices regarding anxiety-associated low risk chest pain

Do you believe you have adequate resources to ensure appropriate outpatient follow up for these patients? # of Academic Providers [% of total] # of Community/Urgent Care/ Other Providers [% of total] Total
Yes 72 [17.6%] 89 [21.7%] 161
No/Unsure/No Response (Total) 113/28/1 (142) [34.7%] 82/23/1 (106) [25.9%] 248
Total 214 195 409
  1. Our Fisher's Exact test revealed that the proportion of providers who do not believe or are unsure if they have adequate resources significantly differed by type of practice (academic vs. community), p = 0.015