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Table 1 Summary of cases of trauma to patients with polycystic kidney disease found in the literature

From: Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and minimal trauma: medical review and case report

Authors Age Sex Mechanism of injury Presentation CT abdomen findings Treatment
Pandyan et al. [40] 55 F Seatbelt contact during airplane rapid deceleration Bilateral Flank pain + increased abdominal girth + gross hematuria NR Expectant
Gildenhuys et al. [23] 28 M Assault by a brick Flank pain + gross hematuria Ruptured cyst Bed rest and observation
Kim et al. [41] 39 F Shock-wave lithotripsy Shock Ruptured cyst with peri-renal hematoma Supportive care then nephrectomy
Klein et al. [31] 40 M Assault by a baseball bat Gross hematuria Possible hemorrhagic cysts Expectant
Leslie et al. [20] 22 M Motor Vehicle Accident Flank pain then abdominal pain + tachycardia Bilateral ruptured hemorrhagic cysts Bilateral nephrectomies
Mabillard et al. [24] 25 M Rugby/contact sport injury Flank pain + gross hematuria Ruptured cyst + retroperitoneal hemorrhage Embolization of lower polar segmental branch of renal artery
Mufarrij et al. [32] 77 M Vigorous massage chair session Right lower quadrant pain + right-sided hip pain then 2 syncopal episodes Cystic hemorrhage and rupture Expectant + blood transfusions
Nash et al. [21] 58 F Motor Vehicle Accident Gross hematuria + distended abdomen then hypovolemic shock Ruptured cyst in right kidney + multiple hemorrhagic cysts in left kidney Bilateral nephrectomies
Reay et al. [42] 20 M Fall from a horse with elbow flexed into flank Gross hematuria Renal injury into pelvicalyceal system and perinephric hematoma Coil embolization of bleeding renal artery and pseudo aneurysm
Rhyner et al. [43] NR NR Unknown Unknown Intracystic + retroperitoneal hemorrhage Unknown
Wani et al. [33] 56 M Hit by a thick rope on the flank Flank pain + gross hematuria Intracystic hemorrhage Expectant
Zaslau et al. [44] 29 M Blunt trauma to flank from ladder Fall of 8 ft in height Flank pain + drop in hematocrit Retroperitoneal hematoma and fluid + ruptured cyst Nephrectomy
  1. F female, CT computed tomography
  2. M male, NR not reported