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Table 1 Overview of the patients where the guidelines were not followed

From: Utility and effectiveness of the Scandinavian guidelines to exclude computerized tomography scanning in mild traumatic brain injury - a prospective cohort study

  N Details Overall Outcome
Undertriage 104 (18.0%)   
 Discharged despite indication for direct CT 7 (6.7%) 5 < age 65 on platelets inhibitors In total 38 patients (6.6%) did not receive recommended assessments (Clinically undertriaged).
No negative outcomes were recorded in EPR
2 on novel oral anticoagulants (NOAC)
 S100B despite indication for direct CT 75 (72.1%) 52 positive S100B and 43 of these underwent a CT scan.
23 negative S100B, but CT was performed for 21 cases.
 Discharged despite indication for S100B 8 (7.7%) Guideline deviated based on clinical assessment.
 Discharged despite positive S100B 14 (13.5%) Guideline deviated based on clinical assessment
Overtriage 109 (18.9%)   
 Direct CT despite indication for S100B 27 (24.8%) In situations where S100B is not available, this would be correct triaging. But S100B was available in the whole study period. In total minimum unnecessary CT scans = 40 (10.1%*)
Unnecessary S100B samples = 47 (21.3%**)
 CT despite negative S100B (Indicated samples) 31 (28.4%) All CT’s were negative
 S100B despite indication for direct discharge 47 (43.1%) 25 Positive S100B, resulting in 9 CT scans. All negative
22 negative S100B samples
  1. The percentages are reported as a percentage of all patients with MTHI, or as a percentage of either the over- or the undertriage groups. *Percentage of all CT scans performed. **Percentage of all S100B samples performed