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Fig. 3

From: The healthcare costs of intoxicated patients who survive ICU admission are higher than non-intoxicated ICU patients: a retrospective study combining healthcare insurance data and data from a Dutch national quality registry

Fig. 3

The costs per day alive in relation to the number of comorbidities. Costs (in euro’s) per day alive (on the y-axis) in relation to the cumulative number of conditions and comorbidities of intoxicated patients (squares, n = 2591), ICU patients (triangles, n = 2577) and control patients (circles, n = 2591) who never were admitted to the ICU (on the x-axis. Depicted is the year prior to ICU admission (2012), the year of ICU admission (2013) and the year after ICU admission (2014). An asteriks (*) denotes a statistical difference (p < 0.0001)

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