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Table 2 The influence of different factors on the overall PRISMA checklist adherence adjusted for type or review

From: Quality of reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in emergency medicine based on the PRISMA statement

  F -value p - valuea
Total of all review, unadjusted mean ± SD 18 ± 4 NA NA
Published in journal requiring PRISMA adherence, adjusted mean (SE)
 Yes 19.2 (0.4) 11.0 0.001
 No 17.2 (0.5)
PRISMA use mentioned in review, adjusted mean (SE)
 Yes 18.6 (0.4) 1.6 0.214
 No 17.8 (0.5)
Type of article included in review, adjusted mean (SE)
 Only RCT’s 18.2 (0.8) 0.5 0.486
 Not limited to RCT’s 18.8 (0.3)
Author with affiliation to a epidemiology and/or statistic department, adjusted mean (SE)
 Yes 19.9 (0.9) 3.7 0.057
 No 18.1 (0.3)
  1. NA not applicable, PRISMA preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, RCT randomized controlled trial, SD standard deviation, SE standard error
  2. aANCOVA correcting for type of article (systematic review or meta-analysis)