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Table 5 Selected Quotas form in-depth interview of emergency medical service use in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From: Trends and barriers of emergency medical service use in Addis Ababa; Ethiopia

Perceived use of ambulance in Addis Ababa Perceived barrier to utilization
“ambulances are preferred for emergency patients appropriate transportation and for fast transport of patients”
“ambulance is a care giver vehicle that arrive fast during accident”
“are for the problem like fire and disease.”
“I did not seen ambulances who are being used for other purpose”
“ambulances should arrive fast while going to the patient”
“more than 90% of ambulances are being used for intended use”
“In the city waiting ambulance is difficult due to over crowed of the roads and less distribution”
“ambulances station distribution is not accessible”
“I do not think ambulances are being used for the intended purpose only, like they carry coal”
“ unavailability of road make difficult to use ambulance”
“ambulance dispatches do not respond for the call.”
“there is knowledge gap on their number and their use.
There is also perceived inaccessibility.”
“There are ambulance owner who are using for their own benefits using the name of ambulance care”