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Table 2 Of the 9951 patients presenting with cardiac CEDIS complaints, 2012 had negative hsTnT and positive CK. Of these, only one patient was subsequently judged to have had AMI, and one additional patient had a MACE within 30 days. CK; creatine kinase, hsTnT; high-sensitivity troponin T, AMI; acute myocardial infarction, MACE; major adverse cardiac event

From: Routine creatine kinase testing does not provide clinical utility in the emergency department for diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes

Total patients CK measured hsTnT measured -TnT/+CK Diagnosis of AMI 30-day MACE
9951 8150 8167 2012 1 2
  81.9% 82.1% 20.2% 0.012% 0.025%