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Table 1 Numbers and properties of the Dutch and British acute care systems in 2016

From: Strengths and weaknesses of the acute care systems in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands: what can we learn from each other?

 The NetherlandsEngland
Number of EDs per 100,000 people0.54c0.33
Hospital beds per 1,000 people2.4d2.6
Percentage of GDP spent on healthcare10.6d9.9d
Available GPs per 10,000 people5.87.6b
Number of ED visits per year2,400,00015,900,000a
ED attendance rate14.124.2a
Number of acute admissions per year840,0004,300,000
Acute admission rate4.96.6
Percentage of acute admissions for the total ED visits35.027.0a
  1. aData based on type 1 and 2 Emergency Departments only
  2. b Data retrieved over 2013
  3. c Data retrieved over 2014
  4. d Data retrieved over 2015