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Table 2 Dimensions, indicators, and sources of data selected for evaluation

From: Implementation study of a 5-component pediatric early warning system (PEWS) in an emergency department in British Columbia, Canada, to inform provincial scale up

Evaluation dimensionIndicatorsData source
Implementation fidelity: whether the program was implemented as designed and staff were satisfied with it.PEWS score documentationPost-implementation medical record eview
Accuracy of PEWS score calculationPost-implementation medical record review
Satisfaction with PEWS in ED and its implementationOnline provider survey
Barriers and facilitators in implementationOnline provider survey and key-informant interviews
Effectiveness: whether the intervention changed practice.Increased vital signs documentationPre and post implementation medical record review
Increased knowledge and confidence in pediatric care as a result of interventionOnline provider survey
Perceived changes in practice as a result of interventionOnline provider surveys and key-informant interviews
Improved communication between staffOnline provider survey
Utility: whether the staff found the intervention valuable and it aligned with current practice.Alignment of PEWS score with CTASPost-implementation medical record review
Perceived usefulness and value of PEWS in ED and its components in provision of careOnline provider surveys and key-informant interviews