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Table 5 Intervention effectiveness: perception of change in knowledge and confidence of practitioners

From: Implementation study of a 5-component pediatric early warning system (PEWS) in an emergency department in British Columbia, Canada, to inform provincial scale up

Perceived change in knowledge and confidenceNot at all /to a slight extent (%)To a moderate extent (%)To a great / very great extent (%)
Change in knowledge
 Identification of abnormal clinical signs25.616.358.1
 Identification of situational awareness factors that increase risk34.920.944.2
 Mitigation of deterioration23.334.941.9
 Escalation of care25.625.648.8
Change in confidence
 Identification of abnormal clinical signs23.334.941.9
 Identification of situational awareness factors that increase risk32.637.230.2
 Mitigation of deterioration30.232.637.2
 Escalation of care32.630.237.2