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Table 2 Resources of rescue services and capacity building (Information from heads of EMRS Organizations in Abuja)

From: Needs assessment of emergency medical and rescue services in Abuja/Nigeria and environs

Number of Call Centres111
No of Ambulances & other vehicles.8 ICU BusesICU 8, Special ICU Vehicles 8, Helicopters 4, Boats, 107 ICU functional ambulances (21 grounded)
No. of Bay post13100
No. of staff per Bay post102025(only at call Centre)
EMRS Basic equipment in ambulances7/830/307/7
No. and % of trained staff/year1 (10%)6 (30%)4 (8%)
Staff with Trained skills in ACLS, ATLS5 (50%)7 (35%)4 (16).
  1. ACLS: Advance cardiac life support machine
  2. ATLS: Advance trauma life support machine
  3. BLS: Basic life support machine
  4. ICU: Intensive care unit