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Table 2 PCI laboratory procedural characteristics for Cohort 1

From: Oxygen therapy in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction based on the culprit vessel: results from the randomized controlled SOCCER trial

CharacteristicsO2 group (n = 46)Air group (n = 49)P-value
Medications given [n (%)]
 IV β-blocker3 (6.5)5 (10.2)NS
 IV diuretics3 (6.5)6 (12.2)NS
 IV inotropes0 (0)1 (2.0)NS
 IV nitrate3 (6.5)2 (4.1)NS
Culprit lesion [n (%)]
 Right Coronary Artery18 (39.1)20 (40.8)NS
 Left Anterior Descending Artery23 (50.0)23 (46.9)NS
 Left Circumflex Artery4 (8.7)3 (6.1)NS
 Other1 (2.2)a3 (6.1)bNS
Coronary disease [n (%)]
 Single vessel25 (54.3)29 (59.2)NS
 Multivessel20 (43.4)17 (34.7)NS
 Left main coronary artery1 (2.2)3 (6.1)NS
Procedures [n (%)]
 Thrombectomy11 (24.0)13 (26.5)NS
 CABG2 (4.4)2 (4.0)NS
  1. CABG Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, IV Intravenous, SC Subcutaneous
  2. aCulprit was the intermediate artery
  3. bCulprit in one case was the intermediate artery and in two cases the D1 branch of the LAD