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Table 3 Patient- and treatment characteristics of trauma patients associated with prehospital lactate levels (n = 156)

From: Determinants of prehospital lactate in trauma patients: a retrospective cohort study

VariableSt ßAdjusted R2aP
First measured SpO2−.271.112.001
Shock Index.187.039.023
IVP or Morphine−.184.026.024
Head Injury [y/n]NANANA
  1. Footnote. To avoid problems with co-linearity, Shock index was chosen over SBP, HR and palpable radial pulse in the regression model. adenotes absolute increase in R2 when entered in the model. NA Did not enter final model, SpO2 Percentage oxygen saturation, IVP Intravenous paracetamol, EtCO2 End-tidal CO2, TBI Traumatic brain injury.