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Table 1 LUS signs that would suspect COVID-19 disease and LUS signs that are unlikely for COVID-19

From: Lung ultrasound in the emergency department - a valuable tool in the management of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

COVID-19 suspected COVID-19 unlikely
bilateral patchy distribution of one of the following: unilateral appearance of one of the following:
• pleural line irregularity OR singular pleural line irregularities OR
• ≥ 3 B-Lines per intercostal space OR ≥ 3 B-Lines per intercostal space in a homogenous distribution (e.g. basal lung parts) OR
• small subpleural consolidation (< 1.5 cm) OR larger subpleural consolidations (> 1.5 cm) OR
• no or small pleural effusion large pleural effusion OR
unilateral appearance of two or more of the criteria above