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Table 2 Mean expected costs and QALYS, ICERs and NMB for base case and scenario analyses

From: Cost-effectiveness of out-of-hospital continuous positive airway pressure for acute respiratory failure: decision analytic modelling using data from a feasibility trial

Strategy Mean Cost Mean QALYs Mean ICER Mean NMB Mean incremental
Probability most
cost effective*
Base case: ACUTE pilot trial effectiveness data
 Standard Care £15,201 1.190 £5685a £8598 £883a 0.67
 Prehospital CPAP £14,850 1.128 £7715 0.33
Scenario analysis: Updated network meta-analysis effectiveness estimates
 Standard Care £15,201 1.19 £8598 0.06
 Prehospital CPAP £16,722 1.35 £9712b £10,209 £1612b 0.94
  1. aMean ICER/incremental NMB estimated as standard care compared to CPAP. *Assuming a threshold value of £20,000 per QALY. b Mean ICER/incremental NMB estimated as CPAP compared to standard care