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Table 1 Interventions to address workplace violence implemented by the studied hospital [24,25,26,27,28]

From: Barriers, enablers, and opportunities for organisational follow-up of workplace violence from the perspective of emergency department nurses: a qualitative study

Program Description
RiskMan A reporting system to record, notify and investigate health and safety incidents and near misses at work.
Tap Out program Nurses nominate to be swapped from one area of the ED to another in order to remove them from challenging patients or situations.
Muster Slides Highlight potentially challenging patients which allows the in-charge nurse to distribute them evenly among nurses to reduce compassion fatigue and mental injury.
Accountability letter A letter is sent on behalf of the hospital to a perpetrator of violence, informing them that their behaviour was inappropriate and that an alert will be placed on their medical record.
Behavioural assessment unit The unit is co-located with the ED but removes patients from the more chaotic environment of the main ED area. The aim is to fast-track the admission of patients with intoxication and mental health issues.
Management plan Management plans for complex patients include tailored strategies to prevent aggressive behaviour and de-escalate the specific patient when they become aggressive.