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Table 1 Parameters included in the Red Cross Wound Score (RCWS) [4]

From: Predicting surgical resource consumption and in-hospital mortality in resource-scarce conflict settings: a retrospective study

Wound feature Definition
E (entry) Entry wound in cm
X (exit) Exit wound in cm (X = 0 if no exit)
C (cavity) Can the cavity of the wound take two fingers before surgical excision?
C0 = No
C1 = Yes
F (fracture) Fracture
F0 = No fracture
F1 = Simple fracture, hole or insignificant comminution
F2 = Clinically significant comminution
V (vital structure) Injury threatening life or threatening life or limb
V0 = No vital structure injured
VN = (neurological) penetration of the dura of the brain or spinal cord
VT = (thorax or trachea) penetration of the pleura or of the larynx/trachea in the neck
VA = (abdomen) penetration of the peritoneum
VH = (haemorrhage) injury of a major peripheral blood vessel, down to the brachial artery in the arm or the popliteal artery in the leg or carotid artery in the neck