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Table 3 Proportions of correct answers in the post-hoc analysis of the primary outcome

From: Assessment of breathing in cardiac arrest: a randomised controlled trial of three teaching methods among laypersons

Post-hoc subgroup analysis Correct answers/number of answers (%)
 Lecture-based teaching
  University students 118/135 (87%)
  Military conscripts 142/162 (88%)
   Elderly retirees 129/171 (75%)
 Video-based teaching
  University students 128/135 (95%)
  Military conscripts 160/171 (94%)
  Elderly retirees 117/144 (81%)
 Simulation-based teaching
  University students 148/153 (97%)
  Military conscripts 141/153 (92%)
  Elderly retirees 116/153 (76%)
  1. Total number and proportions of correct answers in the post-hoc subgroup analysis of the primary outcome (recognition of breathing patterns) investigating the effect of teaching method on the different subgroups (university students, military conscripts and elderly retirees). Numbers are calculated as the total number of correct answers (for example, 15 university students were randomised to receive lecture-based teaching and watched a total of 9 videos for the primary outcome providing the possibility of 135 correct answers)