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Table 1 The definitions of the 5 main reasons for the ED visits of patients with cancer

From: Main reasons and predictive factors of cancer-related emergency department visits in a Hungarian tertiary care center

Reason for ED visit Definition
Cancer-related ED visit patients whose visit was unambiguously related to their cancer, i.e. who visited the ER due to the complications or progression of their cancer
Oncological care-related ED visit patients with cancer whose visit was due to the complications/adverse events of some form of oncological care they had received prior and nearest to the ER visit
New cancer diagnosis-related ED visit cases where a strong suspicion of cancer arose at the given ER visit, which diagnosis was subsequently confirmed
Non-cancer related ED visit patients whose visit to the ER was in no way associated with their cancer illness
Undetermined ED visit patients whose medical condition could be a result of either the complication/progression of their cancer or due to completely other causes (e.g. pneumonia in a patient with lung cancer and advanced COPD could be due to either of the latter two illnesses)