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Table 1 Participant categories and definitions

From: Methodology for the development of a Canadian national EMS research agenda

Participant Category Definition
Paramedic researcher Paramedics who have dedicated time for research, or are regularly involved in conducting research studies
EMS physician researchers Physicians who have dedicated time for research, and their research focus is EMS research
Researchers who use EMS data Researchers who don't specialize in EMS, but use EMS data for their research
Paramedic educator Paramedics who are employed by colleges, universities or EMS systems as educators of paramedic students or practicing paramedics
Front-line EMS providers Field paramedics/communication officers/flight staff or others who primarily work in the ambulance, air medical transport or other out of hospital clinical settings.
EMS operations/management Those who supervise or manage the operations of an EMS system
EMS regulators/colleges Those who primarily work within a government organization that regulates an EMS system
EMS medical directors Physicians who work in the role of medical director, overseeing clinical care in an EMS system