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BMC Emergency Medicine

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Emergency knowledge in one rescue team of power network

BMC Emergency Medicine201212(Suppl 1):A4

Published: 18 December 2012


Public HealthRespiratory TractEmergency MedicineElectric ShockSpinal Fracture


To investigate the mastery of emergency knowledge in one rescue team of power network in Taian.


We investigated emergency knowledge in one rescue team of power network in Taian by questionnaires, which include CPR skill, hemostasis, treatment of respiratory tract obstruction, drowning, electric shock, intoxication and spinal fractures.


The members of the team have a little general emergency knowledge, especially in CPR and treatment of spinal rupture, but they could not treat them properly and needed further training, and most of them would like to gain the emergency knowledge and perform it in case of emergency.


The rescue team of power network knew a little emergency knowledge, but they needed further training. They could be a desirable group for emergency training.

Authors’ Affiliations

Emergency Department, the 88th Hospital of PLA, Shandong, China


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