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Table 1 Reasons for excluding potential participants and non-respondents

From: A patient survey of out-of-hours care provided by Emergency Care Practitioners

Exclusion stage Reason for exclusion n % within stage
Prior to contacting patients (of n = 174) No telephone number recorded 6 3.5
  Dementia documented 2 1.1
  No record that the patient had received a study information sheet1 55 31.6
  Subtotal 63 36.2
On patient contact (of n = 111) No reply to telephone call 29 26.1
  Patient declined to participate 1 0.9
  Subtotal 30 27.0
  1. 1Careful examination of patients who had not received a study information sheet found that the majority had received visits on seven specific days within the thirty day study period, suggesting that these exclusions reflect a general failure to deliver study information sheets rather than the selective exclusion of specific types of patients during the course of the study.