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Table 3 Barriers, enablers and opportunities of follow up for workplace violence

From: Barriers, enablers, and opportunities for organisational follow-up of workplace violence from the perspective of emergency department nurses: a qualitative study

Level Barriers Enablers Opportunities
Incident reporting process:
• Lack of reporting
• Experience with police
• Staff injuries  
Type of perpetrator:
• Complex patients, reoffenders and visitors
  • Different approach: Prevent mental health patients in ED
Social Context • High frequency violence   • Public education
Organisational Context Initial response:
• Accessing previous risk behaviour
• Rewarding bad behaviour
• Technical problems to report events
Organisational action:
• Lack of active follow-up
• Organisational culture and support
• Tap Out program
• Muster Slides
• Management plan
• Recording risk behaviour
• Accountability letter
• Consequences for perpetrators
• Apology letter
• Security footage
• Easier reporting process
• Feedback to staff
Economic and Political context    
Innovation (interventions)